Liaison worksheet to be completed BEFORE your appointment

The liaison worksheet is a double questionnaire to be completed by the patient online AFTER one consultation and BEFORE the next one.

This enables:

  • Memory recall and integration concerning themes and experiences approached in a session
  • Communication of topics that were not discussed during a session (owing to lack of time, forgetfulness, or simply because the patient felt unable to bring up a particular subject)
  • Better use of time during a session (factual events of the week can be approached differently, and the agenda can be planned more efficiently).

The liaison worksheet may be completed in French or in English.

Note that the liaison worksheet should ideally be completed and submitted the day before the consultation, so that your therapist has time to read it.

Click here to download the liaison worksheet BEFORE your appointment or fill it in online

  • Part B (to be complete just before the next consultation)